I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck. ” -Emma Goldman



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  1. Some of this years X-mas knits..

  3. Spider Lace Cowl

  4. "Make up your Mind" tanktop
  5. Guess I better knit forever..

    Just finished knitting a shawl called “Summer Flies”. Summer is flyin too fast, thats for sure. Gonna post a picture once its blocked.  It came out a bit small, but should still be wear-able. Just started knitting this: 

  6. Baby octopus!

  7. sweater is finally complete!

    After months, my sweater is finally done. Designed and wrote my first pattern, and knit and constructed the sweater entirely on my own. Crazy timing, considering I’m also graduating from college in a week. Yikes! Better pictures to come…

  9. deathhabit:

    Please help our friend Julio Rodriguez by signing this petition.  He is a tireless activist in South LA and a punk/anarchist music promoter and really fun to organize with. Julio is a DREAM Act eligible student and currently in LA County Jail on an ICE hold meaning he could face deportation.

    julio on the right.